iPad, iPhone (iOS)


Web Forms

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Simple Setup

Intuitive Form Editor

Build Forms from Excel

Form/Field Cloning

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Unlimited Data

Unlimited Forms

Unlimited Submissions

Unlimited Storage

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Offline Capabilities

Offline Data Collection

Skip Logic and Rule Support

Cache External Data for Autofill

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Role-Based Permissions

Secure Transfer and Storage

Delivery to Proprietary Servers

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Multi Media Capture

Integrated Photo Capture

Annotate Images

Integrated Video/Audio Capture

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Location Services

Location Capture via Device

Integrated Mapping

Enable GPS tracking per field

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Dispatch Forms

Pre-populate User Forms

Memory Fields and Defaults


So Many Features

Intuitive User Interface

Autosave Capabilities

Automatic Updating and Caching

Kiosk Mode

Robust Rules Engine

Smart Forms

Skip Logic and Branching

Formulas and Calculations

Scripting and Scoring

500+ External Connections

On-Submit Eamil Delivery

Export to Excel, PDF, CSV and JSON

Data Filtering

Query Capabilities

RHTML Reporting

Custom PDF Templates

Ad-hock Email Delivery

PDF Generation from Device

Embedded List Data

Document Integration and Viewing

Multiple Record Capture

Form Reuse via Subform Linking

Barcode and QR Scanning

Web Forms and Surveys

Browser Access

Device to Device Routing


Multi-Step Workflows