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Inspection & Safety

There is no other paperwork more critical than those completed by safety professionals and inspectors. Not only is most of this information required but having this information available sooner than later is a major benefit. These reports are so critical they can delay a project or move it forward. Contractors and other vendors alike will appreciate the value of having this information as soon as it is entered. To provide this key data accurately and quickly, choose SPOT Forms for your immediate data gathering solution.

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Power Line

The power line industry is upgrading aging infrastructure throughout the U.S. over the next several years. Field personnel and inspectors will be required to maintain records on upgrades as well as new infrastructure to be developed. There is no better way to quickly and easily keep of this data than utilizing SPOT Forms.


Oil & Gas

An estimated $620 billion in projects are expected between 2017 and 2020 in the oil and gas market. Regardless of sector, upstream, midstream, or downstream, all areas have field operators, safety staff and inspectors maintaining and completing data related to these projects. Create consistency and availability with your data by implementing SPOT Forms.

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Construction & Manufacturing

Throughout the country, construction is on the rise. An expected 5% growth in 2017 is expected primarily due to larger projects in the metropolitan areas and in commercial real estate. These projects are driven by time and can experience delays due to weather, resources, and labor. One way to reduce delays is by implementing SPOT Forms on all of your construction projects.


Field Services 

Technicians and service personnel for businesses in landscaping, roofing, residential construction, concrete, heating and air conditioning complete various forms while on-site at a job or project. These could be work orders, estimates, contracts, invoices, or job completion forms. Regardless, it is important to have this documentation readily available in one system rather than shuffling through paperwork in front of the customer. SPOT Forms is a mobile solution that centralizes all your forms for easy completion, submission, sharing and collaboration.



No different than any other utilities, Technicians and installers in the telecommunications field have necessary paperwork that must be completed for each job. Per Deloitt's annual outlook, "U.S. consumers look at their devices over 8 billion times a day." This activity alone requires more infrastructure and equipment installs to support this rapid demand. Why not use your mobile device to maintain information related to these installs? Implement SPOT's simple software and put a powerful tool in the hands of those working in the field to keep our networks running.